Research Help ??
                   from the Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum
            Mystery Tops, Yo-Yos, Gyroscopes?
                 Did you find a top or spinning toy in the attic 
                             and are wondering about it?
                 Wondering what a specific spinner top is called?

                        We might be able to help you...
        with our "more-than-45-years" of research expertise~

Name or Kind of Top, Spinner, Yo-Yo, Gyroscope?*
Photos are best to send, and/or detailed description if you don't have a photo which might give us the clues needed to answer your questions.
We receive hundreds of emails asking for the name of a top, brand names or mechanical types, or technical info.
The research fee minimum is $15, but you are at no risk.  We will determine if we have the information you need, let you know if we do,
and if you wish to receive the information, you can pay then by Paypal.  
History and/or value of a Top, Spinner, Yo-Yo, Gyroscope??*
 First we need to see
1 or more clear photos plus any details you can tell us in your email.
If there are words, numbers,  company names, dates, etc. that should be included in your note to us. 
If we can provide information there is a minimum small research fee of $15-$45, USA Dollars, paid by paypal. 
  but ONLY IF we can provide you with information.   So there is NO RISK to you. 

The fee is based on how much we can actually tell you
It is a token fee, but helps a bit to cover a little of our time. 
We are a non-profit educational organization, so your fee helps to support educational projects as well.
If the scope of information is even greater than usual, we also inform you of what the fee would be and the 
kinds of things you will receive and then you decide how to proceed.
For research questions, here's how it works:
1- You email the photos and written notes of details you can see close-up & other things you may know
2- We email back: and IF WE HAVE INFORMATION  regarding your item, we will let you know
    what the charge will be.  IF
we cannot help there is no charge to you.  No risk to you.
3- If we can help, you would then make the payment by Paypal. Sorry, we do not take personal checks.
4-After payment is complete we will email you the information/research that is helpful to your question, 
       including possible photos.

Research results might include these types of things:
information or photos of similar versions, original prices, dates, current values, photos,
 showing the item in time and context, materials made of,   
manufacturer, city of manufacture, company history, original packaging information, patent information. 
~ It is rare, though, to have all of these types of information for a single item.

Our research report is copyrighted and for personal use only, or: 
If you are publishing our report in printed, electronic or other forms; broadcasting or other forms, 
there is an additional fee and a release will be provided.

52+ years of collecting and research experience  
Do be aware, that many items will not have specific research available, while others have extensive results.
We have provided research for auction houses, museums, national magazines, collectors, TV shows, flea market sellers,
movie producers, eBay sellers, international festivals and more.

* Next step
Do email us with your questions, information, photos.
Please put in your subject line:  Research question about (name the toy


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