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"My Grandson's Top has arrived (from the Spinning Top Museum.)   He was just a year old.   I wanted to give him " a real toy"  
         The young people who work in the toy stores didn't know what a top was when I was out shopping for it.  
         We are so pleased with it.    I'm sure we will all have pleasure seeing him play with the top.  
         Wishing   you a Merry Christmas.    Thanks again!"       S.,  Reading PA.

ORDERS  receive a little free toy surprise with the order!
More fun on Top Museum Catalog page two 
and the Logic Puzzle Museum Catalog page  www.logicpuzzlemuseum.org/24.html

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                        spreads the shipping/handling cost over many items rather than just one item.

1-.  5.5" tall Classic Humming Pump Top $14 each
  A great classic top with action pumping and then the humming fun!
body, plastic handle & tip. 5.5" tall, approx. 5" wide. 
Assorted designs. Random color sent.
All same size, though picture makes them look different sizes


15A. Top Set:16 finger spinner tops! $75
Colors and designs vary in sets. Includes wood & plastic:
4 optical illusion wood classic tops in back row (about 3.25" diameter each),
Dreidel game (square far left) with directions on bottom,  plastic
two-tone color flip-over top, handmade wood top/natural wood, 
2 egg tops (one design, one you design), far right top has a
physics surprise, ad top + 5 other tops!  (set #15 in above white area
is no longer available)
This set is a GREAT school set, family set, a serious & fun science 
fair project, children's games and favors, or keep in a bowl in the living room! 
Start someone's top collection (or even your own!)
Grandma likes this set at her house, too. 

20. Wire Roller  $9.50
Classic toy for kids & grown-ups! Hold the handle, tilt and shift, causing the wheel/top
to ride and roll up and back around on the wire. A bit of an illusion fun.
The wheel colors vary.   Length: approx. 8"  (photo is of a longer length than the ones we now have)

21. Classic Metal Gyroscope $11.50                              
All Metal Gyroscope, box, 1 string, plastic stand, instructions.  Do classic balance Tricks and amazing science!
Gyroscope is almost 4" tall         
@ classic metal gyroscopes      



               Hark!   Minimum order: $35 plus shipping/handling

                                                                                          MORE   MORE   MORE  TOYS FOR SALE>
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Spin Art Kit  $12  
Sturdy top, blanks paper disks, paint tubes. The box becomes the "tray" with sides to spin the top
inside of, while dripping & dropping paint on the blank disks. Instructions included. Top can be
used separately, too, for endless spinning fun. Top approx. 3.9" wide.  Box approx. 7" x 5" x 2". 
Get several & have a party!

#23  Optical Illusion Spinning Set $15
Sturdy yellow, well balanced plastic top with 4 interchangeable paper disks(& 5 patterns), each with a classic 
optical illusion. Information on disk backs about the illusions! See growing & shrinking illusions
with the black & yellow spiral Disk.  B&W Disk on left spins and produces other colors!
Red & Blue Disk needs to be viewed under florescent lights for surprising & puzzling results. 
Spoked pattern Disk has a second pattern on its reverse side with even more illusionary fun. 
Top & disks are about 4" diameter.    Rare item now.

         Hark!   Minimum catalog order: $35 plus shipping/handling

#23-D  Book Tops  $15 each    -collectible-
Made in USA. Unusual shape, and fun because it says "Books are TOPS!  Give Reading a spin!"
When the top spins it becomes quite a sight with concentric circles and areas that seem airy, 
turning this shape into circles.
Photo shows one top sitting still and the other top spinning.  Great gift 
for anyone and extra fun for the reader you know, and your library!  They could spin this everyday,
and for sure on 
International Top Spinning Day every year.  It would inspire students next to the
science books, too.  Almost 2.75" wide, almost 2" tall along edge.

Not being manufactured anymore, 
very few available
Collectible tops. Made in America.

#23-E  A Tri-Spiral Revolution Top  $24
Fun flat Metal spinner, black & white. Excellent flat metal disk with small
pointed tip for axle and 3 concentric spiral designs. Really creates effects
and optics, spinning fast or slow. 
 Very well balanced.  About 5.75" wide.

#23-G  2-Sided Wood Optical Spiral Top  $11 each
Wood spinner with metal disk for middle to use to spin, or spin with fingers on outside edges. 
Takes a little practice to get the knack, worth the practice. Spin it then stare and strange &
funny optical effects occur.  Pick one color or we will select one for you.
Red Top (Green/purple side)   or   Blue Top ( with Green & purple side)
Almost 5.5" wide.  Not for young children. Made in USA.

2 sides of one top
 shown in each photo

#23-H  Classic Optical Set, Wood  set of 3 for $14
3 wood finger spinner tops with classic optical effects! Two spirals plus 
the strange "Black & White pattern" which appears to show other colors at different speeds! 
Scientific magic!  Each is about 3" diameter. (The "white" is really wood color.)

24. Unique collectible Metal Top, Canada  $35 each

Near mint store stock from the 1950's. Made in Canada. The string is original and aged, and the top is best as a collectible display.
Yellow/red only. Excellent Collectibles. Approximately 2.25" x 3.5' tall.







#26. Holographic Optical Top  $85.

RARE Optical & light patterns: Awesome! Top base with changeable parts! Spins for up
to 7 minutes! Wow! Great desk toy or living room conversation piece. 
For grown-ups, college age, teenagers! Base top approx. 4.25" diameter. Changeable rings and circle are 
card stock weight. 
Note: These cool tops are no longer being manufactured,
so a very limited number left. Collectible, and great fun!
 Patterns vary. IMG_7884RSopticalSet    

Other types of 
optical tops on this page 
and catalog page 2

Spanish wood game top $14
A put &
take game, like the dreidel game, great family fun!  This is the Spanish version.
"Toma Todo, Toma 2, Pon 1", etc.  Metal tip. Instructions included.
Approx. 3.25" tall, approx. 2" width.  Paint colors  & design vary.



                                               Hark!   Minimum order: $35 plus shipping/handling

Game top    $7.00
4-sided wood top, folk toy. Spin and follow actions: Put, Take, None, Take All.
Comes with directions. Great 
inter-generational game. Play like the dreidle game.
Made in the USA. Shapes & Sizes vary: almost 2.5" tall. Made in America.






     Hark!   Minimum order: $35 plus shipping/handling

#31. Very rare
Duncan Award Patch- Bronze Award- Bang-a-Ball  $195.
very very very rare, unusual, Duncan Collectible. Fabric patch with stitching, circa 1962. Approx. 3" x 4 5/8". 
Free shipping USA continent, insured.








                                                 Sets of
wood peg tops______
Classic throwing tops,  with variety of metal tips. 
Vintage, used, solid wood tops with metal tips. No strings. Condition varies.
Occasional slight rust on a few tips, paint worn and missing on those used alot. 
Not intended for slamming onto concrete, but for traditional play & fun & skill.
Most range approx. 2.5" to 3" tall.  Compact size is approx. 2" tall.
If you need strings order #16 set also, which comes with strings or ask about string/button costs.
#2766     Four  peg tops  $     
Range approx.  2.5" - 2.75" tall

#1803 Three wood peg tops,metal tips. Set $48 

Green colors. Each tip different. Ball tip is rare

#2757 Three peg throwing tops: set $46 
Rare tips: one ball, two French pointed tips. Far right top tip is rusty, probably could be cleaned up.

#2759 Three peg throwing tops: set $48 
Rare tips: one ball, one French pointed tip. Small red top is an unusual compact size:

#2763 Green/blue set 3 pet throwing tops. Set: $48
Three different tips, rare ball and far right green flat head tip:

#2776 Four wood peg tops: set   tba
Left one has rare french metal tip, 
third top tip may need a bit of centering:

# 2782   Four tops, blue set. Set $58
Far left top has taller, more unusual profile. Far right top with white stripe is unique compact size with rare French metal tips.

103. Pair of New, Classic Wood Peg Tops with metal tip, strings & Buttons  $24/pair
Each with a string and button!  plus a little sheet of instructions/set. The strings with buttons are professional quality. 
These are the types of tops we used to teach the stars & extras on the movie set of
My Summer Story (sequel to A Christmas Story with Ralphie!)   Approx. 2.5" high x almost 1  5/8" at widest width.  Best for ages 7-107.    This is a skill toy that requires a throwing action and practice. These are great for normal use, as intended, with normal action & fun throwing and doing tricks. (Do not slam on concrete.)

more.... keep scrolling....



.............................................................Spinning Top Museum, Catalog.........................................................

VERY Large wood tops, with cord and button

205.   Giant, huge, impressive wood top  $95, signed by wood turner, dated.   Almost 8 inches tall, approx. 
    One of a kind. This is the one you will receive. This is for display only. If you throw it, you accept all liability.
Top must be handled carefully.    All sales are final
206.  Giant, huge, impressive wood top  $95
, signed by wood turner, dated.   Almost ... inches tall, approx. 
    One of a kind. This is the one you will receive. This is for display only. If you throw it, you accept all liability. Top must be handled carefully.    All sales are final

        204.  $85    
 205.  $95      206. $85  

207. A, B, C     
Large Wood Top  $65  each
Handsome, unique one-of-a-kind peg tops. About 4.25" tall, about 2.5"wide, with string & button. 
Dated and signed by the maker. Top can be spun, but takes skill, and can split, as it is wood. Only one of each available 

303.  Long Spinning Top  $20    
This silver top will spin for up to 7 days straight!  Really!!!! Comes with top,
 base and info on "how it does that!"  Great executive toy!  Impresses everyone!
 Base almost 3.5" wide at bottom, top approx. 1" tall.    Engineers, accountants, 
CEO's, scientists, teachers, retired folks, gadget lovers and those who love a
 puzzle or gizzzmo will thank-you for this unusual spinner! 
  (looks classy on the desk), and for someone who already knows it all...
Comes with everything needed to take a spin! Just a little twist with your 
fingers: a mystery in motion. 
Not for young children, really for adults, college age & teens



  304.   Illusion Science Kit  $16
Sturdy spinning toy top, approx. 4" diameter, with 4 different illusion patterns to spin, heavy duty booklet with 20 classic illusion tricks, 3-D glasses, and 
more. For ages 8+   An excellent set of materials for someone who likes illusions & fun (grown-ups or kids!), Science air projects, or a birthday party theme, or a gift for your science teacher. Kit Box aprrox. 6.5x8.5

............Hark!   Minimum order: $35 plus shipping/handling.........

MORE FUN THINGS ON PAGE 2 Click Here to visit the other catalog page!

306.  Wood Handle Top $25  Made in the USA. 
Pull string fast while holding large handle with your other hand. Top spins fast and drops out of handle.
 Great fun on the table or even better on the floor!  Handle 7"- 8" long.   Shapes vary.


307. "Button-style" spinner $12.00   wind it up, pull and release 

and listen to it hum and buzz, like the old hand-spinner.  Wood wheel 3" diameter.
Ageless fun!      Start a collection: see Catalog page 2
for a BIGGER one 222-A. The Giant Humming Disk Spinner
  and a fancier one 222-B  "Gear" Spinner!


308. Top Guy: 7 tops! $12  A set of seven separate wood spinning tops,

 displayed or stored together as the "Top Guy."  Each top spins, plus it's a puzzle to put them
 back together to make TopGuy!   Approx. 4.25 inches tall.   Classic wood look, or use 


 309.   Awesome Large Flip Over Top! (was $38) SALE $35.00
Wood, 2 piece top with cord. This is great fun & challenge, with awesome visual results! Magic & physics at its best!
Pull the cord, lift the handle, and stand back!   The impressive wood top spins and then flips over to spin on its stem!
 Upside down!. 

Beautiful wood designs, which vary, some have less contrast in wood tone than one shown. 
Handle approx. 7" long, top approx. 4" tall. Works for either right handed pull or left handed pull.
mum order: $35 plus shipping/handling.  Smart to order lots at once, 
       spreads the shipping/handling cost over many items rather than just one item.

.....and visit our downtown Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum toy shop for hundreds of fun toys!

311.  Sky Flier Toy!  $3.50 each           
Roll stem between palms for an up in the air spinner, great outside! Have a competition, 
add fun to the picnic, create interest in your event. Colors vary. Read note below to see what imprint reads.
Stem approx. 7.25" long, prop approx. 8" wide. Assorted colors, shown & others not shown. 

312. TWISTER YO-YO ball bearing $36
For ages 8-108, not younger. Smooth spinner, long sleeper! (a bit of practice of course!) Excellent, long spinning, 
ball bearing with special featured bearing seats. This is the yo-yo people receive in our classes, and we use everyday
as well as for shows! We test it before shipping.  Extra Parts are not sold separately.  This is a take-apart yo-yo. 
Attention to slight tightening regularly required, like all such yo-yos so parts are not lost.
A contestant used their Twister Yo-Yo in a major yo-yo contest here & got 58 rock-the-babies from one throw!
Metal ball bearing, bearing seats, metal axle, one string, plastic body. Smooth spinner, long sleeper! 
(always with a bit of practice of course!) All sales are final. 
  #313. Order extra yo-yo strings right away: 
  5 quality yo-yo strings/$3.50

. . . . Hark!   Minimum order: $35 plus shipping/handling

 316. Miniature pewter top  $20.00 each
Enjoy as is, or paint. Spin is OK, meant for for displays. 
Looks great on the shelf or in a miniature display
Approximately .75" wide x .75" high.

318.  Autographed Collectible Magazine  $12
with tops and collector pictured on cover. One article about the Top Museum, collector
 and tops on 6 pages with 6 B&W photos. Cover is color, article is black and white. Newsprint
 pages, heavier cover. Many other articles in 90 page magazine. Magazine is about 8" x 10.5"



Out of Print.   DVDs are used, good condition.  Out of stock.
 Signed by the Tops Expert from the movie and who is listed in the credits! 
      We also send along a 2 page story about the museum, etc.  The cover of this DVD is a different image than 
the one used on the VHS.  There are a few of the tops pictured on the back of this DVD. 
      There are several different plots in this sequel (to the famous and loved) 
A Christmas Story movie: Ralphie wants the Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas and his mother keeps
 telling him "you'll shoot your eye out!).  In My Summer Story, the mother is collecting her dishes from the
movie theater visits, the dad has fishing adventures, the Bumpess are up to something, and of course, the
boys are on a quest for the best Spinning Top!  We made these tops here in Burlington, and Judith Schulz,
the Top Lady, was the Top Spinner and Tops Expert for this movie.
  Director: Bob Clark,  Producer: Rene DuPont, Story: Jean Shepherd, Actors include Charles Grodin, Mary
Steenburgen, Kieran Culkin.     Visit the Top Museum in Burlington to meet the Tops Expert in person. 

403. Magnetic Tops: patterned snakes  $9 each 
Tips have a sharp points, so not for young children..
Super fun! Concept invented in the late 1800's. Plastic tops, patterned 3" snake rotates
around the spinning top's tip, makes everyone smile! Snake is not attached to the top.
Assorted colors. Top is about 1 5/8" in diameter.  Not for young children.


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