HIGH  INTEREST  DAY  at your school
Hands-on Learning presented by 
 the Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum 
and the Logic Puzzle Museum

We bring our Hands-on & action workshops at 
your High Interest Day, great for a wide range of ages. 

The workhops are offered in Southern Wisconsin, 
Central Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. 
Arrangements can be made for us to travel further, as well.

The workshops listed below are exciting for your school's High Interest Days. 
All of the workshops are hands-on with lots of fun mixed with learning.   

One topic is selected for the day.

Make an Optical Illusion Spinner Top  All grades

Science, art, action! Very hands-on!  Do you believe what you see? Is it really moving that way? Try out a variety of optical and unusual tops from the Spinning top Museum collection, then design your own pocket-size spinner to keep.  Each person makes an optical top disk with original optics and designs or makes designs adapted from samples.  Many examples to see for ideas. Core materials provided.  We have presented hands-on creative optical illusion tops workshops at major art museums as well as schools.  Min. 100 students.    

Beginner's Yo-Yo Class: Learn to be a pro!
Ages 8 and up, though not younger.
Action and skill! Very hands-on. Learn proper throw techniques, tips, essentials, plus 3-5 classic yo-yo tricks from a professional. We bring the yo-yos to use, with yo-yos for sale if students, staff, parents wish to buy yo-yos.    Min./Max 30-40 students in day, in small groups.  

Make an Action Toy  All grades

Science, art, action! Very hands-on!  Try out a variety of spinning toys and devices from the collection of the museum curator, then make an action skill toy to keep!  Each person makes one toy to take home.   Core materials provided.  We have presented toy making at conventions, library wide workshops, school classrooms, universities and at museums.  Minimum 75 students.

Make a hands-on brain twister puzzle All grades
Challenging, puzzling, thinking.  Very hands-on. Try out two different brain twister puzzles, then make the one of your choice, to take home to challenge yourself, your family and friends! Age appropriate difficulty levels are based on grade levels.  Includes special core materials. Minimus 75 students


Learn to spin the old fashion throw top   Ages 7 18

Action and skill.  Very hands-on. Learn to spin and throw a traditional top that is used all around the world and has been used throughout history by children and adults.  This style of top is featured in the MGM movie: My Summer Story.  The instructor for your High Interest Day is the tops expert for that movie, and taught the movie stars top spinning, plus actually spins tops for the film. The spinning expert has appeared on Ripley's Believe It or Not TV, Discover Wisconsin, PBS' Wild Chicago TV, and at international festivals.    Each participants receives a top to use and Keep!  Max. 30-50  participants. 



All workshops: The minimum number of participants listed is for the entire day,
 with each session having a smaller number of the total students. 3 sessions for the day is best, with some variation possible. 
Some of the workshops may need a larger setting than a classroom.
  School to provide things like scissors, markers, etc. if needed for that workshop, 
we bring the core materials and special supplies and special tools.  
Assistance from one adult volunteer is helpful, but should be same volunteer for entire day.

Other topics & themes are possible. Give us a call.
Fee: based on topic, distance, number participating. Contact us for more details.

We come to your school with unique programs
from the
Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum
Logic Puzzle Museum        www.logicpuzzlemuseum.org

All information subject to change.


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