Spinning Toy Top & Yo-Yo Museum; Logic Puzzle Museum; Teacher Place & Parent Resources........all at this address, downtown Burlington, Wisconsin

THE SPINNING TOP MUSEUM   Unique!  2,000 item exhibit of tops---yo-yos---gyroscopes;  top videos, hands-on tops and games at scheduled program times PLUS a fun and lively presentation. Fun and learning for kids and grown-ups.  And/or we bring programs to your school or event.  Information below* (For times to visit with families, individuals, and small groups, CLICK HERE FOR MUSEUM HOURS

THE LOGIC PUZZLE MUSEUM   more than 50 hands-on brain, logic & mechanical puzzles to work and play with, exhibit, make a puzzle to keep.  A  90 minute visit. Thinking fun and challenges for kids and grown-ups.   www.logicpuzzlemuseum  And/or we bring programs to your school or event.  Information below*

TEACHER PLACE & PARENT RESOURCES  educational center for people who teach and/or help others with learning, birth through adult levels. The center is a storehouse of ideas, practical educational resource library, hands-on teaching examples, tools, equipment, helpful staff,  recycle materials, family programs, inservices, staff development programs, advisory and support.  And/or we bring programs to your school or event.  Information below*

OUR GIFT SHOP     endless unique items related to the above three organizations: 180 different tops(modern & antique), 90 kinds of yo-yos, diabolos, 9 types of gyroscopes, 80 different hands-on brain & mechanical puzzles (for kids & grown-ups!), new & used books, new & used teaching resources, game making parts, blank books, classic skill toys, math practice materials, parenting resources, rubber stampers, National Geographics to cut apart, blank books, and an eclectic assortment of collectibles: all for sale.  Sales help support the non-profit, educational center and museums.

All three non-profit, educational organizations are located at the same address, but each one has its own hours, so please: always call ahead for admission and free parking information and very specific hours of each organization you wish to visit. 
        Please call us to confirm hours:  (262)763-3946



  • SPINNING TOP MUSEUM    famous, unique 2-hour program: hands-on, exhibit, tour & live presentation for children, family and definitely adult groups. Meet the tops expert from an MGM film, and try the optional I Spy scavenger hunt. Group tours, senior groups, and everyone else really, really likes this museum! 
  • LOGIC PUZZLE MUSEUM  90-minute visit, hands-on figure-them-out puzzles, exhibit, plus make a puzzle to keep. For adults, children, families, groups.  www.logicpuzzlemuseum.org
  • WORKSHOPS  for teachers, Scout leaders, activity directors, homeschooling groups, camp staff, parents, Sunday school teachers, and those who teach others
  • ANNUAL EVENTS    bring your tour group or family to the Yo-Yo Convention, Rebus Valentines, the EGGS dyeing event,  Whatchamacallits (mystery objects) & the Tongue Twister Contest, Brain Twister Day, the Gyroscope Contest, and the Tangram Challenge.

  533 Milwaukee Avenue (Hwy. 36)
 downtown Burlington, WI, 53105, USA

*HANDS-ON  SCHOOL &  EVENT  PROGRAMS  (a nice change from an assembly program)  
-------Fees are based on distance, number of students, time,  materials.------

Logic Puzzle Museum the Logic Puzzle Museum visits you: hands-on thinking with more than 50 different mechanical puzzles, & several BIG hands-on puzzles set up in a large, plus make a brain puzzle to keep   www.logicpuzzlemuseum.org

  • Behind the Scenes meet the Top Lady who has worked in Hollywood on a TV show,  a feature film, and appeared on Ripley's TV; presentation, clips, scene re-enactment, audience participation  
  • Optical Illusion Tops hands-on experiments, play, & observations with optical tops, design one to keep
  • Inventing Labs with an inventor-in-residence, invent a toy or silly physics-based device, very unusual materials provided, active and hands-on experience.
  • Science Turns Tops the Top Museum visits you with hands-on tops, games, & demonstration by the Top Collector
  • Mystery Objects: 150+  items to try to figure out! : a do-touch  and try things, try to figure out what these items are. Challenges thinking and observation skills.  (Or bring your group to Burlington for this at the annual offering: 
  • International Games   learn traditional games & try universal toys from around the world. Hands-on, active participation
  • Multi-Culture Spinning Top Games  hands-on play & learning from around the world:  learn top spinning techniques, geography, cultural variety,  history; and experience universal play
  • Make an African Strategy Game  Learn to play this strategy game and each one makes one to keep.



533 Milwaukee AV, Burlington, WI 53105  USA

  • LOGIC & BRAIN PUZZLES   for teachers of grades 1-12; make a classroom hands-on set of your own.
  • QUESTIONING TECHNIQUES  for teachers of every level and any subject.  Motivate real interest, more participation in discussions,  & higer level thinking skills.
  • INTERNATIONAL & MULTI-CULTURAL TOYS & GAMES for teachers K-9, K-12 social studies teachers.  Make a set for your classroom.
  • VICTORIAN TOYS & GAMES  Learn history, play with history, make versions for your classroom.
  • SKILL & CONFIDENCE development with a yo-yo class for teachers, and learn how to teach a successful yo-yo class to your students


Everyone, everywhere in the world:
Take part in the Free International Top Spinning Day in October every year:  
wherever you are in the world that day. Click for Details


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