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200. YO-YO THEME set of 4 postcards!
 Mail them everywhere in the world! 
1. Genuine Duncan wood Yo-Yos, original copyrighted photo   
2. Yo-Yo collector & Yo-Yo demonstrator Judith Schulz   
3. O-Boy Yo-Yo: “sweeping novelty is in vogue” 1900’s of the Top & Yo-Yo Museum catalog archives  
4. Catalog image: Tops & Yo-Yo called "a spinning top, complete with string" + peg tops: Museum's archives 

Each image approx. 4”x 6” (not heavy so goes for first class post card rate. as of June 2020: 35
¢ each)
> Buy a set for yourself plus get extra sets to send out… everyone likes to get fun mail!
You can order this set as part of your order of tops, etc. with the min. $35, 
or Free shipping to (mainland) USA if just ordering this: "#200. Set YO-YO THEME 4 postcards!"
pay by PayPal   1 set (4 cards) $6.50 
                          3 sets (12 cards) $12.50 
Send email with your name & address when you want to order these, and we will email you how to pay by paypal. [email protected]

201. Optical tin spinning tops set of 6 for $22
These finger spinning tops are well balanced,
great spinners, with enhanced outer rim for longer spinning, and are fun with
change of 
color and designs as they spin.  You will want a set for yourself, too!
Tops are made of tin, classic look. Each top about  2.25" in diameter.

IMG_2725_little_tops_TX202. Vintage Little wood peg tops/strings. Set of 3: $12
These are the old fashioned throwing style of tops.  Circa 1940s.
 They work with a "little" practice., The tops are about  1 1/8" tall.

# 203  TWO-WAY TOPS! 
it's a spinning cone & a spinning tree (WOW!) 3/$24
A set of 3 fun and crazy tops! Easy to finger spin as cones, but takes fun practice to spin it in the tree position!
Makes for fun challenges to see if you can get all 4 spinning as trees at once, and great family fun 
at the kitchen table, too! (or school recess, or even executive fun!)  Each top is about 2" tall.
Suggest ages 8-108!

IMG_2793_optical_mechanical_Post_cards_Top_Museum#204. Optical, Moving Mechanical 
Postcards (set of 3)!  $33
-Rotate the top pattern over the recurring pattern printed on the lower heavier card stock layer and see a cool Moire pattern!  Very rare!  "New-store stock," unused condition, from 1991.  
-The two layers are attached with a grommet in the center.  Back of card has a marked place for address & stamp, Made in the U.S.A. and directions for use.
-Can actually be mailed, just tape edges. May require more postage.   4" x 6" 
Just a few sets left.
< photo shows 3 card faces with designs, and another image to the right showing part of the back with a place for address & stamp just to show you part of the back)
You will receive 3 (three) postcards, 1 of each of the patterns shown 

209.  Classic Tin Top/ string 
$19 each

Classic designs & colors, fun old-fashion top. 
Tug string & it rewinds, then enjoy the whistling
sound as it spins. Pick color blue, purple,  or red; 
or we will select a color for your order.  Top
approximately 3.5” tall x 2.5” wide. metal top,
plastic handle winder, string. New tops.  
Grown-ups like these as much as kids.
We suggest ages 8 and up, it takes bit of practice
to get the launching technique.Colors may vary 
a bit from computer screen to computer screen.

Minimum order from one or both pages

                                                                                                                                          is $35 plus shipping/handling + fees

214.  Circle Design 3 Top Set:  $12

You get three tops. Great fun to try to keep them all going at once
or see whose top will spin the longest or any number of other games 
invented by you. Wood, approximately 3.5” tall, almost 2” wide.
Colors may vary.



215. Wood Finger Spinners: $9 each
Spin with your fingers. Buy a set or many...Can you keep them all going 
at once? Includes a little sheet of fun ideas to try.
Colors vary. Approximately 2.5' x 1.75" 

216. Plastic Finger Spinners $5 each assorted colors.   
Great school party gifts, fun for grown-ups, too!
Spin with your fingers. Can you keep them all going 
at once? Includes a little sheet of fun ideas to try.
Colors vary. Approximately 2.75" x 1.75" 


 218.  Set of 2 custom spaulted maple tops. $15
Natural, no finish, not polished perfectly smooth. Shapes vary.  
Sizes range from 1.5"  to 2" in either direction,
as each one is different and vary from photo.

219. Set of 7 wood egg shaped tops. $65 
Fun to make your own designs on them with permanent markers, or personalize with names. 
Fun to spin them all at once and see them "dance"
Pattern top patterns vary. Color of egg with Happy Easter varies.
A variety of colors will be sent, but the combination of colors varies. 

 Eggs vary a bit in size, approximately 2.25" tall x 1 1/8" wide

Minimum order from one or both pages is $35 plus shipping/handling + fees

221.  Wood whip top, $19.00
Colors vary. Vintage collectible. Whip cord not included. 
         Almost 2.5: tall x 1.25"(upper top width)

222. Humming Spinner - Advertising Vintage Toy $35
collectible....with original envelope, instructions, string, & toy. Delightful drawings. Rare.
Whirlpool Humming Spinner, never used, not punched out yet. Card stock weight.
Envelope: few small folds and minor tear in flap. Envelope approx. 3.25" x 3"


Giant Humming Disk Spinner $21
Really, really really fun!!! Sounds like an owl, loon, or ??? 
A real noisemaker spinner toy! Even builds up arm strength, fueled by you, 
while amazing and amusing everyone. It's a hit at picnics, great for 
science study, 
& good old fashion play. Approx. size: Plastic wheel 6"
diameter, cotton cord, wood hands 6" long.

222-B  "Gear" Spinner   $12.00
All wood, traditional toy: spin the gear, hold onto the handles!
These have been known throughout the centuries and are enjoyed
by children and adults! 
A little history is included with the toy, too.
Has a nice humming sound 
and offers a little exercise (if you want)
along with the endless fun.  Get 2 
so two people can challenge each
 other in a marathon. Great indoor or outdoor fun, take it when visiting friends,
 take it to a picnic, take it along to cheer someone up. Smiles predicted. 
Gear is about 3" diameter. Cord length can be adjusted.


223.   T-shape Whip Top  $23 
unique launching style, then keep it going indefinitely with the wood handled whip.
Native Americans traditionally  played with these on the ice in winter. Popular in 
England and many other parts of the world. Can be used on ice
or on most floor surfaces, except not carpeting. These give you a good work-out too, and are great 
competitions to see who can keep their top spinning the longest.
Wood top approximately 1.5 wide at top surface 
x 1 7/8” tall.  Handle almost 15” long, leather cord attached. Directions included.

224.    V-shape Whip Top   $23
unique launching style, then keep it going indefinitely with the wood handled whip.
 Native Americans traditional played with these on the ice in winter. Can be used
 on ice or on most floor surfaces, except not carpeting. These give you a good
 work-out too, and are great competitions to see who can keep their top spinning
 the longest.  Wood top approximately 1 5/8” wide at top surface x 1 ¾”  tall.
 Handle almost 15” long, leather cord attached. Directions included.

225. Rare, vintage 
Lucky Spinner From 1955!  $65.00
Very Rare
, vintage mint store stock, collectible.
New with box and instructions. Wind up with spring action, when top falls down and stops spinning a
new combination of numbers appear. 4-9 games described on instruction sheet, make up many more.
 Play games, practice math, have fun seeing who gets the higher number every round, play Hi, Play Lo,
 play for triples, play for combinations, etc. Or display proudly on your shelf!  
 This toy with it's original box and instructions from the 1950's is cool! 
Box 3.5" x 1.5" x 1.5", top approximately 3.5" tall x 1.5" wide.

226. Open-Cut Optical Tops, sold out
Wood tops, some strobing-like effects. Optical fun at different 
speeds. In some: concentric circles seem to float separate from 
edge of top!  Approximately 4" x 1.25"

228. Metal whistling peg top
 Early skill toy, metal peg top to throw. Head of top in embossed letters:
King Scientific Co. Chicago. B19
Normal aging, but excellent condition, doesn't appear to have been used
but a few times, if any No string included. 
About 2.5" x 2"  Made in USA.

229. Turnover Tops to Design yourselfSet of 3/$17
These wood tops are amazing physics and magic all in one! Start spinning like one 
on the left in photo, when spinning, begins to turn over and then turns over & spins like 
the one of the right!  Get 3 in a set for everyone to try. Best for ages 7 and up,
 adults, too!  Use permanent markers or durable paints. Design as a personal gift, 
or make it a favor at a party for all to design their own. Approx. 1.75" x 1.25"

Minimum order from one or both pages is $35 plus shipping/handling + fees

230Tricky Carrot Top   3/$10
A challenge to spin-- figure it out and it will spin. 
Too hard to spin for young children.
Recommend age 10-adult. About 2.5” tall.

231.Set of Small Shiny Tops  set of 10/$7  (or set of 30/$15)
10 Plastic with holographic patterns, spin fast, colors reflect and flicker!
Great for favors, contests, family gatherings, spinning studies, etc.  
Assortment of colors and patterns, may vary from those pictured.
Approx. 1.5" wide


232. Set of Large Shiny Tops  set of 5/$15  
5 Plastic with holographic patterns, spin fast, colors reflect and flicker!
Great for favors, contests, family gatherings, spinning studies, etc. Very low profile. 
too hard for children under age 6 to spin. Assortment of colors and patterns, may vary
from those pictured. Approx. 3" wide

233. Colorful wood, finger spinners   6/$12
Great little spinners. Assorted colors. About 1.75” tall.

234. Colorful Egg tops   3/$10
Assorted patterns! About 2” tall 

236. Bug Tops   Set of 3 for $15
Wood finger spinners. Fun, fun, fun. Watch the shape change
when spinning: an optical effect!

Butterfly approx. 3" at widest, Dragonfly length approx.2 3/4"

239. rare Hoop Spinner   $55

Hold tight to the handles and rotate in the air to try to keep
the ball rolling in the track and not falling out! 
Then try two balls!
Bonus: Free exercise with 
this fun toy for adults, teens and kids.

Great demo for & experience of centrifugal force!
Other fun suggestions come with the toy. Comes with a
green ball and a pink ball!  Handle to handle approximately 19.5"

Comes ready to assemble the green half to the pink half,
you will need to add your own packing tape or duct tape to wrap on the handles.

240. Vintage, plastic mini tops, set of 5/$10 

Collectibles, assortments vary in colors. These may have been from old fashion vending
 machines in the 1950s. New/old store stock, low quality plastic.
 Not finished well, sometimes uneven spots, occasional chip, good overall.
 Still...they spin with fun and good action! Some spin steady, some jitter about. 
We test each one to make sure it is a successful spinner. 
Marked: Made in Hong Kong.
   Classic vintage colors. 
Have a vintage top spinning party!  Approx. 7/8" diameter, 7/8" tall.

               ....Minimum order from one or both pages is $35 plus shipping/handling + fees....

241. Beautiful Wood Classic Spinning Top  $50.00 each

Classy, traditional, beautiful.  Solid wood, unique shapes, no two alike, and hand finished
 with a friction wax polish. Natural color of wood, not stained.  Comes with launcher handle
 and 2 strings. Spins longer than a finger spinner top, takes a bit of practice to get the knack, 
then beautiful spinning.  Handmade in the USA.  Approximately 3.25” x 2”  
Types of wood available:  Yellowheart. 
Approximately 3.25” x 2”
  General idea of colors, which do vary as this is natural wood, and computer colors vary somewhat, too.

242. Rare: metal string spinner toy: Katz Meow     SOLD

       Collectible, antique, FUN! Two hand wind-up, pull and release strings to get it spinning 
       and whistling.  Condition very good, with some spots, see picture. This is very, very Rare.
       Made in USA.  About 2.75”wide  x7/8” thick

 other side:

 243. Rare: Poll Parrot Shoes spinning top  $26.00
          Collectible, antique.  Advertising top, letters embossed on top: 
          Poll Parrot Shoes. Plastic, hollow spinning toy top.  About 4.25” x 3”

244. Rare: Ring the Top Game Top  $78

Collectible, antique.  Complete set, rare to find all of the parts together, especially with the paper cover
and all in such good shape. Tire advertising item. Plastic toy top, 2 plastic rings, paper cover with
 directions. The paper item on the right in photo serves as the cover on the top to store the rings inside. 
Spin the top and toss the rings onto the stem. Awesome!  About  2 3/8” x 2”

.....................Minimum order from one or both pages is $35 plus shipping/handling + fees.......

245. VERY Rare: Rawley’s Gyroscope  $135.00

Collectible, antique, unusual. Plastic sphere Gyro, metal wheel, metal axel, plastic pull cord, 
tongs, direction booklet (8 Page booklet with tricks and experiments.) Bronze bearing balls.
All items fit snugly in the box. Box has normal wear. Box is complete.
Directions on the box 
sides as well as extensive detailed directions in the booklet.
Made in USA. Box about 3” x 2.25” x 2.5” 

    247. TALL WOOD TOPS  $110. each
     Hardwoods, each unique. Made in USA
247. A   
Custom, Hand-made hard woods. Handle is maple, the axle is curley maple,
 bulb part is laminated wood. Top & axle are almost 9" tall, , handle 7".  When it spins, 
it leans and precesses with the large bulb spinning "suspended"  for many, many rotations. 
Unique spinner! Only one like this!  Not for use by young children.

247. B 
  Custom, Hand-made hard woods. Handle is maple, the axle is maple,
 bulb part is made from an old maple rolling pin! Top & axle are almost 7.75" tall, 
handle 7.75".  When it spins, it leans and precesses with the large bulb spinning 
"suspended"  for many, many rotations. Unique spinner!  Only one like this! Not for young children.

6/ $14.00
Fun to try to get them all going at once.
Solid wood, shape of a large strawberry.
Personalize or jazz them up with a marker
with designs or names, or enjoy the simplicity.
Made in USA. About 2" high about 1 3/8" wide.

249.  SPINNING  EGG  TOP!   Amazing Physics & Illusion       $24
Solid aluminum egg comes with special mirrored 
spinning base and instruction sheet. With a fast spin 
horizontally ...WOW...it rises up to spin vertical! 
The rise and fall of spinning is intriguing to watch, with 
light reflections, sound pattern, and more.
It is 
rtistic angular momentum. School, home, office,
fun and science. Great for adults, too! 
You can also experiment without using the base.
Egg about 2" tall, base about 3.5" wide.

See who can get the longest spin!

A Unique Set: Top Book & magazine & collectible Spin-Offs Issue
~ A Toy & Top Collector’s dream book!   The book is an Amazing collection of Top photographs, history, descriptions!
a glimpse from the limited edition top book:

 limited edition Top Book is a history + an amazing, full-color, artistic book of collected Spinning Tops

(not catalog to order from, not how-to spin, but for art, reference, history, research, nostalgia!)
 ~Full-color photographs of tops, tops sets, ads, drawings, directions, boxes, catalog images, photographs of paintings, posters, detailed descriptions, with a focus on antique and 
vintage items. Tops are from all around the world, including England, France, Germany, Japan and the United States. A few related items are included: yo-yo, Diabolo, buzz toy and
 flying tops. 
Prepare to look, read, browse all night the day your copy arrives, and you still won’t get through it all.  Excellent coffee table or reference book! This is a most memorable 
gift for your favorite top or toy collector… or even for yourself.

#200. SET  $345: 6 items:
         ~~The Top book described abovemore than 279 pages, 1149+ full color photographs, high quality, limited edition, hardcover Weight: about 4.5 1bs.!  Size: 11”x 11.25”x 1” thick. 

             ~~Magazineautographed  See item #318 on our Catalog page #1
             ~~Spin-Off's, 4 collectible issues. Out of print, mint stock, playful publication, published by Top Museum between 1989 & 1992, b &w, 16 pages,
                                  gray stock, 8.5”x 11    Includes a variety of top & spinning History, old ad reproductions, patents, vintage information, images: each issue varies. 
   Limited number available. 

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