HUGE YO-YO EXHIBIT & YO-YO COLLECTING, Yo-Yo Convention, Burlington, Wisconsin 


This unique, annual exhibit/fun launches the 
 Annual Action Skill Toys & Yo-Yo Convention  
Exhibit + hands-on gizzmos    Convention   & Final Finale Day:  Contests/shows 

 1000 Yo-Yos & Memorabilia Exhibit
 + 10 Hands-On, Silly Gizzmos!

 An awesome, special exhibit just this time of year:
 plus hands-on fun with 10 unique, action, skill gizzmos!

       Sorry no convention exhibit 2019
Watch for the next one!
HARK: Entrance to the exhibit Only At the Times posted 
Come at these times, stay as long as you like until exhibit closes that day:
viewing exhibit, trying hands-on gizzmos 
and shopping in the gift shop.
Ages 6-106
Exhibit, demonstration,  & Hands-on gizmos!

Other times to visit are available for large groups by appointment

info subject to change, always call ahead.......   

EXHIBIT & Hands-On Gizzmos Details:

Mornings and evenings are also available for groups of  20 or more
Presented by the Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum just before the  Annual Action Skill Toys & Yo-Yo  Convention 
Admission: $8/person, all ages. Exhibit & Hands-on Gizzmos  is for ages 6-106.
Parking is free. Admissions are paid in cash. 
Groups of 20 or more are eligible for a discount with a pre-paid minimum fee. 
The hands-on items are not appropriate for under age 6 and use will be limited for any younger visitors
due to safety. Sorry, no room for strollers.  This event is not recommended for those under age 6.

(sorry, this is not a time to learn to Yo-Yo. Yo-Yo Classes are offered at other times.)
Come enjoy the Yo-Yo Exhibition  AND  Try 10 different hands-on
challenges of non-yo-yo, action and skill gizzzmos!  Fun for all! 

Here is what happens when you visit this unique event:

Learn a few, quick tidbits about yo-yos from a yo-yo collector 
See the amazing collection of antique & vintage yo-yos, memorabilia, posters, 
  history, novelties, vintage trick books, new yo-yos, vintage string packages,
  award patches, unusual yo-yos & more! Try the I Spy Hunt if you like!
Meet someone who has yo-yoed with the Smother Brothers
Enjoy a demonstration of 3 classic yo-yo tricks
~ View a yo-yo video 
~ Try the Hands-on fun with 10 NON-Yo-Yo unusual & silly spinners & other fun
   action devices/gizzmos* for yourself!  It's like a test drive! with most items available later in the gift shop.
    Fun for kids & adults ages 6-106!   (There are no yo-yos to use, but if you are 8 or older (adults, too)you may bring a yo-yo
   or buy a yo-yo here to use while here. Note: learning to yo-yo is offered in classes, not as part of the exhibit admission.
    If you buy a yo-yo here, we do offer a "quick class" for the yo-yo purchaser at that time, for a small fee)
 ~Gift/toy Shoppe Collectibles & new items for sale in gift shop with 50 different kinds of yo-yos &
   hundreds of other spinner toys & devices

Free parking 
Always call ahead, as some times may be sold out.

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MORE about the exhibit visit
~~~~Black and red wood Duncan Yo-Yos were made in Wisconsin. Come find out where!
Ever wonder why they are all different sizes? See originals here and then we can answer that question when you attend one
of the exhibition sessions: part of the Annual Yo-Yo & Skill Toys Convention, Burlington, Wisconsin. 

Many early Duncan Yo-Yos also had the name "tops" on them because yo-yos 
are "return tops." See a thousand old and new yo-yos, patches, string packages, 
awards, posters and related memorabilia and enjoy the
 company of others interested in yo-yos.  Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Yo-Yos and Memorabilia: Who knew there were so many kinds!
Old, new, rare, & novelty yo-yos: Duncan, Royal, Flambeau, Cheerio, Goody, Hi-Ker, 
Royal, Yomega, Kuhn, BC, Fli-Back, Festival, & Dell. Premium & advertising yo-yos,
butterfly yo-yos & 1950's yo-yo award patches.  Books, posters, and other
surprising yo-yo items!

*HANDS-ON with different spinning/etc gizzzmos!
Try classic, skill & action toys & spinner gizzzmos while here: the 2 handed Big circle spinner
challenge, 2 toys that defy physics, a mountain toy, classic wire roller, optical toy and others!
(all items are then available to purchase in the gift shop)   

Sorry though, we can not provide yo-yos to use If you bring your own-yo-yo, or buy one in our gift
shop and would like to demonstrate a trick or two that you already know, we are pleased to include you in the
demonstrations!  If you would like to learn how to yo-yo, we offer one hour yo-yo classes at certain times.
Ages 8 & older  Only: If you buy a yo-yo here during the exhibition, we offer a "5 minute Quick Starter Class"
to give you a jump start for a separate fee. 

Yo-Yo Collectibles for sale
A variety of styles and years of yo-yos (antique, vintage, modern, new), yo-yo t-shirts, yo-yo posters, collectibles,
yo-yo books, autographed items, related items are for sale during the Exhibition hours and the entire convention. Of course,
NEW yo-yos, strings, books, videos, DVDs, tops, gyroscopes, diabolos, etc. are also for sale in our gift shop.
For purchases: we accept cash (small bills only please) and credit cards. There is also an ATM at the corner.

more about the
Annual Action Skill Toys & Yo-Yo Convention 

The Exhibition is open certain times only,
and some times are sold out, best to call ahead.

Gift shop open 
during Exhibition, etc.
We accept cash only (small bills) for admission. 
You may use cash, check or charge in the gift shop for purchases.

All information subject to change. 

Beginners Yo-Yo class  offered at specific times; 
 or by appointment for a minimum of 6 of people. 
 Separate fee. Ages 8-adult. Get a great yo-yo to use & keep! 

Many other events occur during the
Yo-Yo & Skill Toys Convention 
Contests are on on certain days only.

                                      FREE PARKING in selected places...(no parking meters!)


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