HUGE YO-YO EXHIBIT & YO-YO COLLECTING, Yo-Yo Convention, Burlington, Wisconsin 

         Special 2-day exhibit in September 2014!

 "Just 300 Yo-Yos and Memorabilia!" 
(the museum tour/program  is not part of this
special exhibit)
Sept 25, 2014  4-8 pm,  Sept 26, 2014 10-6 pm  $6/person
Yo-Yo classes that week 

This exhibit is PART OF THE 
20th Annual Yo-Yo & Skill Toy Convention in March 2015:
details and times TBA!  YoYo Convention


    Featuring the Unique, Annual
  1000 Yo-Yos & Memorabilia
  Exhibition + Hands-On Gizzmos!
    Special exhibit just this time of year, with 10 unique action gizzmos to try!
     Presented by the Spinning Top & YO-Yo Museum
    just before the 20th Annual Yo-Yo & Skill Toy Convention

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A unique exhibition with personal introduction from a collector 
~ See the amazing collection of antique & vintage yo-yos, memorablia, posters, 
  history, novelties, vintage trick books, new yo-yos, vintage string packages,
  award patches, unusual yo-yos & more! Try the I Spy Hunt if you like!
~ Meet a collector who has yo-yoed with the Smother Brothers
~ Enjoy a demonstration of 3 classic yo-yo tricks & several unusual gizzzmos!
~Hands-on with TEN NON-Yo-Yo unusual spinner devices* to try for yourself!
~Collectibles & new items for sale in gift shop with 50 different kinds of yo-yos &
  hundreds of other spinner toys & devices

Admission tba , all ages.  (event is best for ages 5-105)  Free parking 
Always call ahead, as some times may be sold out. 

*Specific times to visit exhibit & try hands-on gizzmos: 
earlier or evening hours, or other days available for groups of 8 or more
last dates to attend:

~LAST CHANCE to see the amazing exhibit as part of an action session at the Convention
 TBA, Admission to this session is TBA and includes lots of additional fun:

20th Annual Yo-Yo & Skill Toys Convention Begins
Saturday special TBA . Admissions are paid in cash. Free parking
Saturday includes seeing exhibit & seeing classic and advance yo-yo trick demonstrations, 
by a variety of players, If you bring your own yo-yo, you are invited to demonstrate a few of your best tricks for the group, too.
Odd yo-yos & related spinners demonstrated, and meet the yo-yo collector. Option:Try the exhibit's I Spy Hunt.

(sorry, this is not a time to learn to yo-yo.
Classes are offered at other times.)

Come enjoy the Yo-Yo Exhibition  AND  Try 10 different hands-on
challenges of non-yo-yo, action and skill gizzmos!  Fun for all! 

MORE about your visit
~~~~Black and red wood Duncan Yo-Yos were made in Luck, Wisconsin. 
Ever wonder why they are all different sizes? 
See originals here and then we can answer that question when you attend one
of the exhibition convention sessions:
part of the 20th Annual Yo-Yo & Skill Toy Convention, Burlington, Wisconsin. 

Many early Duncan Yo-Yos also had the name "tops" on them because yo-yos 
are "return tops." See a thousand old and new yo-yos, patches, string packages, 
awards, posters and related memorabilia and enjoy the
 company of others interested in yo-yos.  Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Yo-yos and memorabilia: who knew there were so many kinds!
Old, new, rare, & novelty yo-yos: Duncan, Royal, Flambeau, Cheerio, Goody, Hi-Ker, 
Royal, Yomega, Kuhn, BC, Fli-Back, Festival, & Dell. Premium & advertising yo-yos,
butterfly yo-yos & 1950's yo-yo award patches.  Books, posters, and other surprising yo-yo items!

Your visit includes other features...keep reading...
Meet a yo-yo collector + see 3 classic yo-yo tricks performed live. 
Videos to see, too.
Try the I SPY HUNT!
 Try 10 other fun spinner gizzmos!

Saturday morning visit includes many more informal yo-yo tricks
 to watch plus see the awesome exhibit.

*HANDS-ON with 5 different spinning gizzzmos!

Try classic and unusual spinner gizzzmos while here: the 2 handed Big circle spinner challenge, 2 toys that defy physics, 
a mountain toy, classic wire roller, optical toy and others! (all items are then available to purchase in the gift shop)   

Sorry though, we can not provide yo-yos to useIf you bring your own-yo-yo, or buy one in our gift shop
and would like to demonstrate a trick or two that you already know, we are pleased to include you in the
demonstrations!  If you would like to learn how to yo-yo, we offer one hour yo-yo classes at certain times.
Ages 8 & older Only: If you buy a yo-yo here during the exhibition, we offer a "5 minute starter Quick Class"
to give you a jump start for a separate fee. 

Yo-Yo Collectibles for sale
A variety of styles and years of yo-yos(antique, vintage, modern, new), yo-yo t-shirts, yo-yo posters, collectibles, yo-yo books,
autographed items, related items are for sale during the Exhibition hours and the entire convention. Of course,
NEW yo-yos, strings, books, videos, DVDs, tops, gyroscopes, diabolos, etc. are also for sale in our gift shop.
We accept cash (small bills only please) and certain credit cards. There is also an ATM at the corner.

Parking is free.

The exhibition is open certain times only,
and some times are sold out, best to call ahead.

Gift shop open 
during exhibition, etc.
We accept cash only (small bills). We do not take any plastic, sorry.

All information subject to change. 

Beginners Yo-Yo class  offered at specific times; 
 or by appointment for a minimum of 6 of people. 
 Separate fee. Ages 8-adult. Get a great yo-yo to use & keep! 

Many other events occur during the Yo-Yo Convention. 
Click here for Yo-Yo Convention events!
Contests are on Saturday and Sunday!

other fun things you should not miss:

GIZZMOS  Time TBA  "test-drive" 15 different science, skill, and action toys... unusual toys!  see 1000 yo-yos and yo-yo memorabilia!  See collectible yo-yos, vintage store displays, awards, old & new posters, plus related yo-yo items,  collecting tips,  meet yo-yo collectors & experts, "show your yo-yo tricks" time,  Eskimo spinner demonstration, collectible yo-yos for sale,  gifts for everyone,   + light refreshments  
Phone reservations suggested due to limited tickets. 

See main schedule for rest of Yo-Yo & Convention & Toy Celebration

FREE PARKING...(no parking meters!)


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