International Top Spinning Day
Wednesday, October 8, 2014 Anytime!
Anywhere. Free to take part!
Invitation from the Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum to you & your group.

It's always the second Wednesday in October every year. 

Help add your country, city, state,
 or school to this year's list!
A National Science Foundation 2011 magazine wrote a piece about this free science event!

 Some of the participants in past years were from:

England, South Africa, France, Switzerland, Malta, Oklahoma, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin; 
Bioengineering Students Association from Faculty of Medical Bioengineering Iasi, Romania;
St Cloud Children's Home in Minnesota had 600 spins; staff at Pow!Science; 
Greene Elementary Kindergarten from Iowa had 1,323 spins; 
High School art class in Hawaii!,

Katie & Sarah spun tops in the elevator & elsewhere on campus at Oklahoma College for 50 spins;
Geoggrey Budworth organized an event at  Leehurst Swan Independent School in Wiltshire, England with 300-500 spins;
St. Peter's Lutheran School  and Rainbow Preschool of Waterford Wisconsin;
Burlington Library spinners added a total of 9,055 spins in one night.

and there are more... check back later. We have some great photos to add yet
also have some photos from 2009 participants in Hawaii to add also.

???    What are tops called in other countries?      ??? 
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WEDNESDAY,  OCTOBER 8, 2014!  Anytime

Spin a top or tops
for the



Free to take part!


Be part of a worldwide event.  Help get 10,000 (or more)  tops spinning around the world

YES, THE WORLD IS A Big Spinning Top!

Celebrate & recognize this scientific fact!
Then email us your group photo &  how many  tops/spins, city, state, country.(Details*)

Email this page to friends & family, so they can take part, too.

Which state and which country will have the most participants? 

National Science Foundation says take a spin, too, for young children: Children & motion
Get a group, school, neighborhood, place of work, or your family to take part.
Post a sign about it, so everyone knows you are celebrating the earth as a top! 

Did you know that National Public Radio has talked about International Top Spinning Day !
and Nick, Jr. Magazine has written about it!


Teachers & students: ask your class or entire school to take part, ask students to bring in tops
a day before the date so you are ready, or provide a set for everyone to use.

Science: it’s physics
Social Studies: it’s a universal toy found in every culture, Spanish children call tops trompos

Math: calculate how many spins if everyone in your school spins a top 2 x or 3x
Geography: map all of the locations after the results are in from around the world
Art: optical illusions


Spin in UNUSUAL PLACES, too. (Family rated, of course.)
On top of the playground slide, on a boat or plane, in the school lunch room,
in the middle of the gym floor, on a CEO’s desk, or?
We will list as many different places used, appropriate ones only.


       AFTER: Please Email a small jpg photo, your comments, where you are: School name (grades, teacher’s name),  
City, State &Country, how many people took part, and how many tops were spinning, and where you spun tops. 
(Each new spin counts toward the total)  We will add you to the total…  striving for at least 10,000 spinning tops spins! 
Last year there were more than 20,000 spins. We may post some photos and a list of facts on our website afterwards


AND: we will be at the  Burlington, Wisconsin Public Library 
 Wednesday night, Oct. 12, 2011 7 pm
 with a table of tops to spin for free, to help add to the world wide total.

Sponsored by the non-profit Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum, Burlington, Wisconsin USA





Hope you will take part  wherever you are in the world!

Fili un trottola dovunque siate quel giorno!

Tournez un toupie partout où vous êtes ce jour ! C'est

‘Haga girar un trompo

Spinnen Sie ein kreisel  wohin Sie dieser Tag sind!


Help get 10,000 or more top spins going on this day:

 different people and/or different tops and maybe unusual places? 


"The Earth is a Spinning Top,

International Top Spinning Day"

..........Note from 2007 participants in England!..........

     You will be pleased to learn that here in the English cathedral city of Salisbury
in the
UK county of Wiltshire, a total of 100 pupils and teachers at Leehurst Swan
 independent school each spun at least one top as part of International Top Spinning Day. 
     In fact, during a triplet of displays and demonstrations (titled Twirlers & Teetotums
of the theory and practice of top spinning by me, done with specimens – 
vintage and modern - from my own top collection, each participants enjoyed spinning more than one.
     So I estimate the total number of tops spun at between 300 and 500. 
Meantime, I hope that the day went equally well in the USA and elsewhere in the world.


                      Burlington's Youth Librarian and library visitors  stopped by to spin tops in downtown
                      Burlington ,Wisconsin, USA  for World-Wide Top Spinning Day, 2004.
                     Will your library participate this year?    Let us know!



a few notes from International Top Spinning Day 2005:

-Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA: The Terrace at St Francis (a nursing home), participated in
  the International Top Spinning Day, with 34 participants through out the day. Amy Wren.

- Warsaw, Poland. School : MICHAEL Osrodek Wychowawczo-Profilaktyczny;
77 people took part and 65 tops were spinning on the Top Spinning Day!  Regards, Mieczys³aw Skowronski  

   Students in Warsaw, Poland spinning tops on International Top Spinning Day:




-Austin, Texas, USA.  Just wanted to let you know that I spun 3 tops today. Gayle

-Sturtevant, Wisconsin. We spun 2 tops at the breakfast table today. Mr & Mrs. Schulz

-South Africa: I spun  tops 261 times on Wednesday 12th October,2005. It translates into
   approximately 3,600,000 revolutions. Hope
it was a satisfactory contribution! But for me everyday is
spinning celebration. Kind regards, Tony.
-Oklahoma, USA:  2 tops spinning from a top collector
-France: Jim of the France Yo-Yo Association: 10 tops spinning
-Waterford, Wisconsin:  Little Thinkers Day Care, thanks Fran Kielas.     Photos to be posted soon.
-Burlington, Wisconsin,USA: Noon: in front of the Top Museum: families,
   homeschooling families, kids:
and evening at the Burlington Public Library. A table of tops were kept
  spinning for an hour by students, parents, and families. Each time a top was spun, it was counted. Everyone kept 
  re-spinning each top on the the table full of tops for about an hour.  21 people with a total: more than 12,000 spins:
                      More than 12,000 at the Burlington Public Library October 2005 Internatinal Top Spinning Day:
Families spinning tops in front of the Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum 2005 International Top Spinning Day
  10 people for a total of 1,255 spins.

                           Montana, USA: The teacher of these children learned about the Top Museum's
                                                            World-Wide Top Spinning Day in Family Fun Magazine.

                   This free, world-wide participation event originated in 2003 by the 
                                 Email your International Top Spinning Day photos & details to


..........PRESS RELEASE..........

  IMMEDIATE RELEASE   call 262 763-3946    from the non-profit, educational museum



Be part of a worldwide celebration and fun event, wherever you are, by spinning a top anytime, anywhere on the second Wednesday of October, every year, wherever you are in the world.   This isan annual celebration and recognition of the scientific fact that the earth is a large spinning top.  “The earth spins around a single axis, just as toy spinning tops and yo-yos do,” said Judith Schulz, director of the Spinning Top Museum in Burlington, Wisconsin.

In past years photos arrived from England, Poland, France, Malta,  Montana, Hawaii, and many other locations. National Public Radio has discussed the event and scientific terms related to spinning and rotation physics, which shows the importance of the topic. The public is invited to a free Top Spinning event at high noon,  in front of the Top Museum in Burlington, Wisconsin, but if you can’t make it there, spin a top wherever you are for this worldwide happening. 
             This year, participants are also encouraged to think of new and unusual places to spin a top, like on the word top in the dictionary or perhaps on the desk of a Fortune 500 CEO. Interesting and appropriate places will be reported on the website.

Families, schools, nursing homes, libraries, businesses, co-workers, and scout troops are all encouraged to take part.   Post a sign “The World is a big spinning top” and then have everyone take a spin at noon together, or whenever is convenient.  Schulz also suggests putting out a non-breakable plate with a toy top or two on it and people to spin when they walk nearby. There are finger spinner tops; pump tops, old-fashion peg tops, game tops, Dreidles, and somersaulting tops.  If you don’t have a top, spin coins, make a top, or stop by the Top Museum’s gift shop to buy a variety of tops.

Science teachers can use this Worldwide Celebration as an introduction to studies of the earth, planets, inertia, momentum, and gyroscopic stability.  Reading teachers can spin-off the event and challenge their students to see how many words they can find tin the dictionary related to this topic.  Art teachers connect spinning tops with an introduction to optical illusions and radial symmetry.  

Afterwards, participants are asked to please send an email and small jpg. photos of their participation for documentation of this worldwide event.  Include your name, group name and ages, address, email, phone number, how many people participated, and comments made. Selected information and summaries may be used on the Top Museum website.

The Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum can be visited at scheduled times for a program that includes seeing the 2,000 item exhibit; 40 hands-on tops and games; videos; plus a live presentation.  Adult tour groups and school field trips all enjoy the unique program. The non-profit, Top Museum is located at 533 Milwaukee AV, downtown Burlington, Wisconsin with information at Call (262) 763-3946 for information. 

Tops are know all around the world. 
Email us more tops names from other countries that you know! 

Argentina    Trompo
Australia     Kiolap
Belgium     Toppen  
Bulgaria     Pumpal
Cambodia  Too loo

Croatia       Svrdlo, Zvrk
Denmark   Snurretop
Esperanto  Turbo
France       Toupie
Germany   Dilldop Germany   Kreisel
Ghana        Ate

Greece       Sbora
Hungary    Porgo
Iceland      Skopparahringla

India         Lattoo
Israel   Dreidel, Sevivon
Italy         Trottola
Japan       Koma
Korea       Pang-lh
Laos        Too loo
Malaysia  Gasing
Trompo, Pirinola
New Zealand   Potakas, Maori

Norway   Spinnhurr
Peru        Trompo
Poland    Bak
Puerto Rico   Chobita, Vaca

Russia     Volchok
Spain      Baldufa
Sri Lanka    Pamper
Switzerland  Spielbreisel, Pfurri

Taiwan    Gan Leh
Turkey    Topac
United Kingdom    Humming top, spinning top

United States   Top,   peg top, pump top

Venezuela    Trompo, Zaranda


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